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How Marc Newson Could Influence Apple in 10 Photos

Jaime Garcia

- Apple’s Jony Ive recruits his pal Marc Newson, a designer known for sculptural forms and his use of colour.

- “We collaborate without even having to think about collaborating” - “Spacesuits: No one knows who design that piece, but if it didn’t work the way it did, the results would be catastrophic”

- “Simplicity is refining and being able to define the very essence of what something does, and therefore you understand what it is, you understand what it does"

- “The beauty is in the clear expression of functions”

- “The degree of care: How much did this group of people care to make this and make it right, and they didn’t do it for themselves, is in service to the people that are going to use or buy the products”

- “My sketchbook is just a visual diary… I see final products in my head”

Jaime Garcia

On Inclusive Design.

“An inclusive society is one that leaves no one behind”

Jaime Garcia

Cual es la mejor forma de aliviar el dolor y el sufrimiento del otro?  En este video, Dr. Brené Brown nos recuerda que solo podemos crear una conexion empatica genuina, si somos lo suficientemente valientes como para estar en contacto con nuestra propia fragilidad.

Únicamente cuando nos ponemos al mismo nivel de nuestros usuarios, diseñadores podemos entender problematicas desde distintas perspectivas.